Tunisia Visa for Austrian Citizens

Later this year, Tunisia will introduce the Tunisia Online Visa. This electronic visa system will replace the current process that necessitates visiting an embassy or consulate. The electronic system is expected to be open to Austrian nationals.

The main purpose of the new electronic system will be to decrease waiting times for visa processing and to prevent overcrowding at the Tunisian border.

Do Austrian Citizens Need a Visa for Tunisia?

Visa-free entry into Tunisia applies to nationals of 97 different countries, including several European Union members. Visiting Tunisia is currently visa-free for Austrian citizens. However, there are some exceptions, such as Austrian passport holders traveling for study or work or intending to remain in the country for more than 90 days.

These travelers need a visa to enter Tunisia. Note that Tunisia visa requirements are subject to change. Austrian nationals who are traveling to Tunisia in the coming months are advised to check the Visa Tunisia requirements. There will be regular updates regarding visa requirements for Austrian citizens traveling to Tunisia and the eVisa application.

Entry Requirements for Austrians

A number of requirements will have to be met to obtain an online tourist visa for Tunisia from Austria. Tunisia visa requirements for Austrian citizens include having a valid Austrian passport.

A credit or debit card will also be mandatory in order to effectuate the payment for the eVisa online. Furthermore, Austrian applicants for the Tunisia visa will need to provide a valid and active email address. All the information pertaining to the visa application, such as confirmation and visa approval, will be forwarded to that address.

When all the requirements for the visa to Tunisia for Austrian citizens are met, travelers can start the application process. It is estimated that most applications will be processed in a short period of time before the eVisa approval is emailed to applicants.

Austrian travelers to Tunisia will be able to enter the country by presenting their eVisa together with their passport at the Tunisian border.

Tunisia Visa Application for Austria Citizens

As of now, Austrian citizens applying for the Tunisia visa need to visit either the Tunisian Embassy in the capital of Vienna or one of the four consulates in Eisenstadt, Graz, Linz or Salzburg.

Once the eVisa comes into effect at the end of this year, eligible citizens will be able to submit an application online and avoid having to apply in person.

The application can be completed entirely online to receive visa approval via email. The visa fee, which will be determined at a later date, will also need to be paid online before receiving an approved eVisa, through a secure payment system.

The application process for an eVisa will consist of three steps:

  • Completing an online visa application
  • Paying the visa processing fee online using a debit or credit card
  • Receiving the eVisa approval online

Travelers will be asked questions pertaining to their personal details (name, address, date of birth), passport details (number, date of issue, date of expiration), and travel plans (dates of travel and accommodation details). Additionally, they will have to answer several security questions.

Further eVisa requirements for Austrian may be added to the list later on. For example, it may be necessary to upload a copy of the main page of the applicant’s passport and attach the applicant’s photo. It is important to stay informed about all the requirements by following the Tunisia visa updates.