Tunisia Visa for Danish Citizens

Entry Requirements for Danish Passport Holders

Danish citizens who wish to visit Tunisia for leisure or shorter family visits can travel without a visa. In this case, they are allowed to stay in the country for up to 90 days. Danish passport holders need a visa for Tunisia from Denmark if they are traveling for longer periods, intend to enter the country multiple times, or live and work in Tunisia.

For the time being, it is necessary to contact the Tunisian Honorary Consulate in Copenhagen in order to apply for a visa. This procedure, however, is about to change, as Tunisian authorities introduce a Tunisia electronic visa for eligible citizens in the coming months.

Once the new system is put in place, there will be fewer Tunisia visa requirements for Danish citizens than there are at the moment. In addition, it will be possible to complete a visa application online, anytime and from anywhere in the world.

For a complete and updated list of Tunisia visa requirements for Danish citizens, travelers are advised to frequently consult the Tunisia Visa website news page.

What Documents Do I Need to Complete a Tunisia Visa Application Form?

An electronic visa for Tunisia for Danish citizens can be obtained under the condition that the applicant, in addition to meeting the visa requirements, has the following:

  • A valid Danish passport
  • A valid payment card
  • An active email address at which to receive the approved eVisa.

The applicant’s passport must be valid until the return date from Tunisia. If the passport expires earlier, it is necessary to obtain a new one before applying for a Tunisia eVisa.

Both debit and credit cards are accepted as payment methods for the visa fee.  Payments will be made through a secure online system, and candidates will receive a payment confirmation after submitting the application form. The FAQ page on the Tunisia Visa website offers further information about the security processes put in place in order to protect applicants’ personal information and payments.

Finally, Danish passport holders need to have a functioning email address to receive all the visa-related information and status updates, as well as their visa validation. Once the approval has been obtained, it is recommended to print the visa and have it ready to show to immigration authorities at the Tunisian port of entry.

Tunisia Visa Application Requirements for Danish Citizens

The Tunisia visa application form can be easily accessed from the main page of the Tunisia Visa website. Applicants will be required to fill in some basic details about themselves and their travel document.

The following personal information will be required:

  • Name(s) of the applicant, corresponding exactly to that in the passport
  • Gender
  • Nationality, the same as the passport country
  • Home address
  • Phone number
  • Email address

Besides, travelers will be asked to provide the following passport information:

  • Passport country
  • Passport number
  • Date of issue of the passport
  • Date of expiry of the passport

Some health- and security-related questions may also be asked before the application can be submitted. 

Submitting the Tunisia Visa Application from Denmark

After the information given in the application is confirmed as correct, the candidate can pay for the visa fee and submit the form. If all the details and the email address provided are accurate, in most cases, the visa approval will be granted in a matter of days.

Additional requirements may be added to the eVisa requirements list at a later date. It may be necessary, for example, to upload a copy of the biographical page of the applicant’s passport as well as provide a passport-size photo.

The validity of the visa has not yet been decided. It is expected that the Tunisia eVisa will allow stays of anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks in the country. It is worth remembering that the visa does not guarantee the right of Danish citizens to enter Tunisia. The final decision is made by the immigration officer at the Tunisian border.