Tunisia Visa for Poland Citizens

Entry Requirements for Polish

Polish citizens are, at this time, able to travel to Tunisia for short-term stays without having to apply for a visa. It is currently necessary to apply for a visa in person from a Tunisian diplomatic office for longer stays.

However, once Tunisia introduces an electronic visa system, it is likely that nationals from Poland will need to get the new online visa for Tunisia.

Visa Application for Polish Citizens

Polish travelers can currently stay in the country for up to 90 days without having to obtain a visa. For longer stays, it is necessary to obtain a relevant visa type depending on the purpose of the stay from a Tunisian embassy or consulate. 

Polish citizens who wish to visit Tunisia in the future may be required to complete the Tunisia Visa online application before their trip. It is possible that the eVisa becomes a mandatory entry requirement.

To successfully apply, Polish travelers will simply need to provide some personal details as well as their passport information.

The Online Application for Polish Citizens Obtaining a Tunisia eVisa

The eVisa for Tunisia will be granted once the applicant has completed the application process. With only a few simple steps, and basic documents and details, it is possible to submit the online application form and receive the electronic visa via email. Once the traveler has received it, they will need to be print out a copy as it may be required upon arrival.

Naturally, there are Tunisia visa requirements for Polish citizens that must be met as part of the application and travel process. For one thing, the Polish passport must be valid for at least six months after the traveler intends to arrive in Tunisia.

The online visa requirements for Polish citizens traveling to Tunisia include:

  • Basic data: Name, address, date of birth, passport information, nationality information, and answers to security questions
  • Valid Polish passport (which, as already noted, must be valid for at least six months from the intended date of entry into Tunisia). Essentially, it has to be valid for the entire term of a stay within Tunisia.

The Tunisia online visa process will reduce waiting times at the border and airports. The validity of the eVisa for Tunisia as well as the list of eligible countries will be confirmed once the system is launched. In the meantime, Polish nationals are able to travel to Tunisia for a stay of up to 90 days.

What Do I Need to Complete a Tunisia Visa Application Form?

It is helpful to note that a Tunisia visa for Polish passport holders obtained through the eVisa process will grant the traveler the necessary authorization to visit the country.

When completing the online Tunisia Tourist Visa application,  but it is essential that all sections are completed with accurate information and no gaps in the details remain.

Once available, the online application process will require the following steps:

  • The traveler will need to complete the online application
  • To submit the application, it will be necessary to pay the fee with a debit or credit card
  • The traveler will receive their approved Tunisian visa via email

The eVisa application for Polish citizens is available from almost anywhere in the world, not just from within Poland. The applicant only needs an Internet connection to complete their application. Updates about the status of the Tunisia eVisa system will be posted here as they become available.