Tunisia Visa for Swiss Citizens

Entry Requirements for Switzerland

Although Swiss citizens can enter Tunisia visa-free for up to 90 days, this is about to change. The Tunisian government plans to release a new Visa online that will require travelers from eligible nationalities to complete an electronic application before visiting Tunisia.

The good news is that Swiss citizens are among the eligible nationalities qualified to apply for the new Tunisian eVisa and, therefore, will be able to fill out and submit a Tunisian visa application online before they book their trip to the country.

At the moment the requirements for travelers from Switzerland when applying for a visa involve visiting a Tunisian embassy in person. That will change once the brand new online application is available for the Tunisian visa. This will enable travelers to easily apply online before they plan their journey.

It is expected that the new visa process will reduce waiting times for the visa to be processed and make it both faster and simpler to obtain a Tunisia visa for Swiss citizens. It will also ease congestion at the Tunisian border. As the new visa comes into effect it is expected that queues at border control will be reduced.

The visa application process involves three simple steps:

  • Complete the application form online, including all necessary documentation
  • Pay the visa fee using a debit or credit card
  • Receive the approved visa by email

If you are planning a visit to Tunisia from Switzerland, check this website for updates on the launch of the Tunisia online visa.

Passport Requirements for a Tunisia Visa

The new Tunisia visa is similar to other electronic visa programs are already widely used around the world, and will make it more convenient for tourists to visit the country for a short-term stay.

Swiss nationals will need to provide some basic personal information in order to comply with Tunisia visa requirements when applying for the visa. These include:

  • The applicant’s name as it appears on their passport
  • Full address
  • Date of birth
  • Nationality
  • Passport details, including the expiry date
  • There will also be some security-related questions

Tunisian authorities are not responsible for delays that occur as a result of incorrect information, so it is important for the traveler to take care when filling in all details. Inaccuracies in the application form can result in delays in receiving the Tunisia Visa.

Documents Required for the Tunisia Visa Application Form

Travelers using the Tunisia online visa application form from Switzerland will be required to enter some basic information and include copies of several supporting documents. These include, but are not limited to:

  • A valid Swiss passport
  • A credit or debit card to pay the visa fee
  • A current email address where the applicant can be contacted

The form should be quick and easy to complete, and will only take a few minutes to fill in.

If the traveler’s passport is close to its expiry date, it is advisable to have it renewed before you apply for an online visa. Tunisia requires traveler’s passports to be valid for the duration of the applicant’s stay only, there is no additional requirement for the passport to be valid beyond the end of the traveler’s stay in Tunisia.

Applicants are advised not to book flights and accommodation until their visa has been approved. There are no guarantees that a visa will be granted and the final decision on this matter rests with the Tunisian immigration department.

It is possible to submit a Tunisia visa application for Swiss citizens online from anywhere in the world, not only from within Switzerland. Once the online visa application has been submitted and approved, the approved eVisa will be sent to the applicant via email. It is advisable for the traveler to print a copy of their eVisa to present to the border authorities when they arrive in Tunisia.

Since no decision has yet been made by the authorities regarding the duration of the Tunisia tourist visa for citizens of Switzerland or the online visa fee, please check back on this site for updates on the visa duration, any new details and any new announcements made on the visa policy terms.