Is My Tunisia Visa Registration Secure?

Applying for an online visa for Tunisia will require the traveler to submit detailed information and pay an application fee. It’s understandable that applicants may worry about the safety of their payment method, personal information, and other data.

This FAQ page is intended to provide information about the security processes in place to protect all applicants’ information as well as payments.

Secure servers will be used for all Tunisia Online Visa registrations. Personal information will be protected through encryption so no third parties will be able to access it.

As you fill out the application form, information that you may be required to submit includes:

  • Passport information: passport number, issue and expiration date, etc. You may also have to provide digital copies of your passport. This is the standard information necessary to issue travel authorizations and allow you to go through passport control and enter Tunisia. Your passport information will be directly linked to your visa, meaning that it’s paramount that you use the same passport both for your visa application and to enter Tunisia.
  • Personal information: full name, date, and place of birth, etc. This is necessary for identification and to connect you to your unique approved Tunisian visa.
  • Contact information: address, email address, telephone number, etc. This is not only necessary for identification but also to communicate with you regarding the status of your application.
  • Travel plans: dates, times, and accommodation details, etc. This is necessary to establish the temporary nature of your stay in Tunisia and the purpose of your travel.

Parents completing the application form on behalf of their children consent to the children’s data being processed.

All the above information is strictly necessary in order to obtain a visa. Data provided by applicants is subject to our Privacy Policy and information will only be kept only for as long as it is necessary. After that, all data is routinely deleted except for what must be retained by law.

Information is stored in firewall and password-protected servers. Physical security measures are also in place to ensure the protection of your data. Loss, misuse and alteration of data is prevented with high-security protocols and measures.

Your data will not be shared with third parties unless strictly necessary — for example, when it’s required by law or regulations and to comply with legal processes.

The latest secure online payment measures are in place to ensure that your credit or debit card payment is processed safely. You will need to provide details of your credit or debit card in order to pay the online Tunisia tourist visa application fee.